A roof prior to cleaning

Getting ready to sell the house

Curb appeal counts

Moss on Roof

DSC 7318 Roof Moss on Garage Hamden Connecticut smallRoof Moss on Garage Hamden Connecticut

DSC 7319 moss being brushed off smallMoss being brushed off right side of rooof

What Roof Moss Is

Many homes in Connecticut have moss growing on the roof. Normally it is on the north side of the house and caused by shade and organic material preventing the roof from drying out. The moss needs this moisture to survive. They do not have a “root” system like a tree that goes deep down into the soil. Moss has a filament cell structure called RHIZOIDS. These rhizoids serve the function of attaching the moss to the roof, absorbing water and are only one cell thick. Sort of like a straw these rhizoids suck water up for the rest of the plant to live.

The other thing moss to live is the food it creates with chlorophyll. From the photosynthesis the chlorophyll is the agent that creates the food moss needs to live. Wipe out the chlorophyll and you starve the moss, it dies and falls off.

How We Remove Roof Moss

Our process is to mechanically remove as much moss as possible prior to cleaning. This allows the cleaning materials get down to the rhizoids and kill any them. The second way we remove the moss is the cleaner wipes out the chlorophyll so what cannot be easily removed turns white, dies and falls off.

Our soft touch roof cleaning allows me to see what is going on every step of the way, so that monitoring the impact to the roof and shingle is always visible. If too much grit is being remove the process is adjusted and can be all the way down to nothing but a soft mist and no brushing can be done with great results, it just takes a little longer to see the final result of a nice clean roof.20150801 12434 dead moss on roof edge wideDemonstration shot of moss killed by our cleaning solution, it is turned white and unable to create food for it's self

What The Company Does

Roof Wash Applied and foaming

We Do Roof Cleaning

The right material applied judiciasusly to clean your homes roof safely

I have studied roof cleaning and roof cleaning materials desinged to clean a roof and do not damage the roofs surface. So your roof does not detract from the curb apeal of your home. I know how to do it well.

More on Roof Cleaning
David Cox owner operator head shot picture

A Roof Cleaning Company

A one person Company. The person you talk to on the phone is the person who does the work and makes sure it is done right.

As a liscenced home improvement contractor every care is taken to do the right thing around your home and earn a great review online. By doing the right job and being polite and thoughtfull of the customer. Get the job done and move on.

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pump up sprayer is application meathod - no pressure

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

I climb the ladders and use a pump up sprayer that applies a controlled soft spray to the roof. Not a flood of material from a distance.

The application equipment is low tech but the material is closely monitored, no power washers, no pressure pumps. Great attention is paid to treating the roof and just the roof.

More about Soft Wash Roof Cleaning
extension ladders with stand - offs placed on tall house

Ladders And A Safety Focused Application

Willingness to climb to the roof alows for better control of how the material is spread.

Close proximity to the work by climbing to the roofs alows for low pressure precise placement of the cleaner and preventing strong cleaner going on the rest of the house and landscaping.

Safe Ladder Work

Problems We Solve

Moss acumulated on the roof

Moss on Roof

The right topsoil product is just a question of paying attention to details

We search the state to find sources of high quality topsoil free from debris. We truck it to our landscape materials yard and then finely screen the topsoil so it can be easily worked into your garden or lawn

More Information On Effects of Moss On A Roof
Black mold streaks on roof

Black Mold Streaks

Got Lawn Envy? Start with good soil. We can help we deliver screened soil

A solid foundation for a good lawn is quality topsoil with good organic content. Mix in lime, fertilizer, weed preventors, water when needed and do not cut too short - the lawn will be green

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Lichen and moss on roof

Lichen on Roof

A blend of sreened topsoil and aged compost grows great vegtables.

For raised vegtable gardens or where you really want to grow great grass use our "Super Soil" the exceptionally high organic content retains water and nutrients for exceptional plant growth all season.

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Green mold on roof

Green Roof Mold

Double Screened Mulch Red, Brown, Black, Eco-mulch (natural)

Dress up your planting beds and fight weeds Colored mulch around your plantings

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After Cleaning The Roof

More Roof Cleaning Information


The Right Process for Your Roof

There are trade offs in how people go about providing the service of cleaning roof. I hand spray cleaner on the roof in a very controlled manner. No pressure is used on the roof instead a light spray is used to apply the cleaner that then foams up on the roof and kills any living organisms like mold, mildew, moss and lichen. Prior to application I do use a blower to clear debris and a stiff brush to remove any thick moss. Others use power washers and pressure of the water to remove moss and lichen. I disagree and fell that too much of the granuals on the roof are blown off. My approach does not immediately remove lichen. I kill it and it falls off over time.

  • 20150729 105457 Tree sprouting from between Roof shingles small
    Tree Sprouting In Roof

    Prior to cleaning
    getting rid of foriegn
    material only make sense.

  • 20150731 183049 Moss from roof
    Debris Off a Roof

    Prior to cleaning
    brushing removed this
    debris from the roof

  • 20150807 125756 roof brushed of debris small
    Lightly Brushed Roof

    Before cleaner roof
    is lightly brushed
    to remove what is loose

  • 20150706 135558 Edit roof cleaner application small
    Cleaning Material Applied

    Carefull placement with
    no overflow is what
    makes us different

  • 20150731 110250 lichen damage to roof small
    Lichen Can Pull off Roof Grit

    Roofs that have not
    been cleaned of lichen often
    Develop a pock mark.

  • DSC 5055 black stripe mold on roof small
    Black Mold On Roof

    Prior to cleaning
    This roof stripe
    Stands out from the Street

  • DSC 6974 debris on a roof small
    Debris On The Roof

    Roofs With Acumulation
    Of Debris Hold More
    Moisture On The Roof

  • roof moss that is easy to remove
    Large Clumps of Roof Moss

    Roof Moss
    That is Thick and
    Plush On This Roof

  • DSC 7018 color change from initial application small
    Large Clumps of Roof Moss

    Roof Moss
    That is Thick and
    Plush On This Roof

  • DSC 8495 ansonia before roof cleaning small
    Getting House Ready To Sell

    The Black Spotted
    Roof Just Ruins The Curb
    Apeal of this house

  • DSC 8495 ansonia after roof cleaning small
    The House Now Looks Ready To Sell

    The Clean New Looking
    Roof Just Helps The Curb
    Apeal of this house

  • DSC 8522 roof cleaning milford ct before small
    House Needs Roof Cleaning

    This Home Just Looks Bad
    The Roof Affects the overall
    Look of the house

  • DSC 8528 roof has been cleaned milford ct small
    Same House Roof Now Cleaned

    This Home Just Looks Bad
    the Roof Affects the overall
    Look of the entire house

  • DSC 8545 hamden roof needs cleaning small
    House Hamden Not Cleaned

    The dark Black Streaks
    Dull the Curb Apeal
    of the house

  • DSC 8929 handen ct roof cleaned small
    House Hamden after Cleaning

    The dark Black Streaks
    Are Gone House is
    Much Brighter and attractive

I have been cleaning residential roofs since 2006. I have not damaged a customers landscaping once. Care and effort is put into watching what is going on and how to prevent any problems.

Pricing is available by calling me at 203-906-6079 or filling out some brief information on our free quote page. From that I can get back to you by phone or e-mail quote with a firm price unless there are questions

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