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Shelton Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Shelton Connecticut

20151117 094809 roof with debris prior to cleaning smallRoof with debris prior to cleaningAs happens to some customers of insurance companies when the policy is changed to a new company the underwritting inspection can reveal the need for roof cleaning. The report often describes the presence of organic material on the roof. So needs to be cleaned and documented for the insurance company.

The back of the house has a flat roof and over hanging branches from spruce trees. Being flat there is not a lot of rain fall that pushes the debris off the roof. The interesting thing is even with a strong back pack blower the needles did not move they stayed clumped on the roof.

Roof Cleaning East Haven

Before Cleaning The Roof

20151016 160608 dirty roof right side befor small
A view of the roof before starting cleaning

An insurance company did a site visit of a new customer to finalize the underwritting of the policy. They requested that the roof be cleaned of organic material and it must be done promptly. Getting the call to clean the roof I let the customer know that I do not use a pressure washer to clean a roof rather low pressure application of a cleaning solution that kills all material on the roof that grows.

Arriving at the house there certainly was a lot of dark streaking on the roof and at the bottom of each shingle at the edge a bunch of growth was there. Looking at it since it was so low I thought it was lichen. But as I got closer and started to look it turned out to be moss that was lining the edge along the shingle. Sort of like a fringe.