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Roof Cleaning Branford Connecticut

Roof Cleaning For Insurance Inspection

A Branford Home Before Cleaning The Roof

20151102 104822 roof under spruce tree shade small

The customer is changing insurance companies and the inspection of the house resulted in some changes be made. The reason I was working on the house is they requested the roof be cleaned so that water would not get under the shingles and or the roof's life span be shortened. The insurance company also requested that the trees near the house also be pruned or removed. This will let in more light and help prevent the mold and mildew from reforming.

This first picture shows the worst accumulation of mold moss and lichen has formed under where the tree is. It also gives me a chance to show the before and after picture when the growth has washed off in the rain. The greatest change shows up after a couple of rain storms that washed the dead moss and mold off the roof. It just brightens up. Right after the application some of the stuff on the roof stays and has a dirty brown link since it is still clinging to the roof. Since no pressure is used in the application process the final effect to be fully visible takes some time to show up.

Looking down from the peak

20151102 105604 looking down dirty roof smallThis view of the roof towards the front of the house shows how dark some of the growth is on the roof. Primarily the contrast between the affected shadded areas vs the section that gets more sun is pretty distinct and will be removed what the process is done leaving the roof all one uniform color.

20151102 104745 moss and lichen small

The Lichen Accumulation on the roof

Here in this close up the lichen is distinct growths that are circular and heavy. Some places on roof they go through a phase were they form a solid very tight mat on the roof all in one mass. I suspect these are older growth lichen since they are thicker and hold more debris on the roof like the spruce needles from the over hanging spruce tree. This acumulates more organic material for the lichen to grow on.

The thicker grow is easier to remove if the roof is not too step by walking on it and twisting your foot. The reason for this is there is a soft layer under the top very tough top layer. This roof is too step to walk on and the cleaner will kill the lichen. This tough outer layer is why power washing the roof is so damaging. The lichen tendrils burrow into the grit and lock on. To blast them of would take so much pressure it would take off too much grit and damage the roof.

Low pressure cleaning that is used here will kill the lichen destroy all the clorophyl in the growth and it can no longer survive. It is turned white breaks down and will fall of over time with no additional damage to the roof.

Close up of the Lichen 20151102 104757 lichen on roof small

Looking at the patterns and colors this could be pretty artistic if it was not on the roof. But the trees and rocks that are in the area all have the growth and it tends to spread and grow in shaddy parts of the roof.

Flat Tight Lichen

20151102 105618 close up roof lichen small

This close up shows the low growing very tight lichen growth. It is off to the left of the house and in less shade. To get this off with out killing it is like trying to get through a turtles shell. It is just plain tough and hard.

Cleaner Applied To the Front

20151102 123640 cleaner applied small

With the application of the cleaner the change is visible immediatly. The roof is brighter and the lichen is turning color indicating the break down of the surface layer. When it is wet and brushed it now can be moved and will smear. So over time with some rainfalls the lichen will break down and fall off. It takes time but it saves pressure and abrasion on the roof.

Cleaner applied To the Back

20151102 123713 garage roof cleaner applied small

In this case there is less lichen but lots of grean mold and algea. With the cleaner killing this growth is not too hard with a complete application of the cleaner. The color is now not as bright green and a lot of it now just looks muddy. The wet light brown look is the change effect of being killed. With about two rain falls the roof will be brighter and cleaner. Then over time it will incrementally get cleaner. Doing the cleaning is soft touch cleaning and prevents harsh abrasion on the roof but takes time for the full effect.

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