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Roof Cleaning East Haven

Before Cleaning The Roof

20151016 160608 dirty roof right side befor small
A view of the roof before starting cleaning

An insurance company did a site visit of a new customer to finalize the underwritting of the policy. They requested that the roof be cleaned of organic material and it must be done promptly. Getting the call to clean the roof I let the customer know that I do not use a pressure washer to clean a roof rather low pressure application of a cleaning solution that kills all material on the roof that grows.

Arriving at the house there certainly was a lot of dark streaking on the roof and at the bottom of each shingle at the edge a bunch of growth was there. Looking at it since it was so low I thought it was lichen. But as I got closer and started to look it turned out to be moss that was lining the edge along the shingle. Sort of like a fringe.

Peak of the roof

20151016 160628 black roof streaks before cleaning small
Black roof streaks before cleaning
Second view of the roof a the top. You can see the black streakes that has accumulated over time. Sap from trees, small particles of leaves and parts of tree seeds all can accumulate on the roof. Then with the right conditions the black streakes start to develop. As you can see here they get established on one spot then it just seems to cascade down the roof is long streak.

Soaking the roof

20151016 162249 cleaner soaking the roof smallThe roof cleaner soaking the roof and flowing down is easily controlled

Soft touch roof cleaning is all based on the right concentration of material that is just strong enough to kill the growth on the roof but no more. The balance is important since any over use of chemicals is no good. THe mix has to be strong enough to kill what is on the roof so that there dos not have to be a lot of mechanical force used on the roof.

Spraying the roof is done so it is saturated but non of the cleaner flows off the roof to damage the landscapeing. Close and controlled spraying is used to get the cleaner just to the saturation point. With the surfactant that is added the cleaner reacts with the dirt and foams up. This keeps the cleaner on the roof and concentrated to do the cleaning. With out the soap -surfactant the cleaner would just run off and not wet the surface. With some conditions it can almost look like a light shaving cream coating on the roof.

Contrast created by cleaner

Take a look at the top left to see the contrast between treated and untreated roofAt the top left to see the contrast between treated and untreated roof With this shot you can see the contrast at the top left between treated and untreated roof. The emmidiate look of the roof changes qwickly but not to the final look. With a couple of rain falls the growth that has died will be rinsed off the andit bridgtens up.

Right side of house

20151016 172212 right side roof after cleaning smallRight side roof after cleaning

Application on the right side of the the house has been completed and already a light brighter. You can see the roof is saturated and will remain active for a while to somplet the action of killing the growth on the roof and removing the chlorophyl so the plant can no longer survive. Then a couple of rains and the roof will start to look almost like new even though is well into it's life span.

The left side of the house

20151016 172224 left side of roof after cleaning smallLeft side of roof after cleaning What was black and ugly is now dead and turning white

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