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Kill Black Mold

20150920 100237 black mold on condominium roofs smallNorth Side of Roofs Covered by Black Mold on Condominium RoofsTo kill black mold on a roof makes the roof look better and reduces the amount of mold you are exposud to around the house. Not to mention the ugley black streaks down the roof making the roof look old, tired and dirty

Shingles have material built into the grit so that the black mold will not form. Unfortunatly with moisture and time this black mold gets established on some spot on the roof. As the mold grows it gets going faster than the shingles can defend against it. So the result is it spreads down the roof creating a streak down the roof. As more grows it just propigates faster than the roof can defend against. The same as with the factors for mold growth shade and organic material on the roof hold moisture longer on the roof so this black mold can get started to grow and spread. What really is this stuff?

Gloeocapsa magma

This is what people call black mold on a roof. Actually it is a algea that lives by photosynthisis. It's color is black since it has a hard out shell that forms a dark hard outer coating to protect it's self from Ultra Violet light that would disrupt its photosynthis. The scientists find that it is spread by wind currents so there is no way to prevent it from landing on the roof. Then it reproduces and spreads down the roof. The chemicals in the roof granuals loose the battle to prevent the spread and it just gets worse and worse over time

Call It What You Want

You call it black mold. The scientists call it algea, many call it just plain ugly roof stains. We kill black mold on the roof and get rid of it for years to come.

We Kill Black Mold On A Roof

DSC 5016 black mold on house in hamden ct smallBlack Mold on House in Hamden ConnecticutAs we mentioned earlier this algea/mold has to have photosynthisis to live. The cleaner we apply breaks down the outer shell, disrupts the ability for photosyntiste is immediatly broken down and turns this material into a light brown smug on the roof that is the dead "mold". It a remarkebly immediatly change. The only down side is the algea can be soo thick that the cleaner does not get down to the bottom of the growth shince they are stack on each other. If any black streaks remain we come back and reapply after a couple of rains since the dead stuff has been rinsed off the roof. Never have I had a situation were it could not be removed it is just a question of a follow up visit if needed, to over come the amount that has accumulated.

Once Cleaned Stays Clean

Roofs that I have treated have stayed clean over 5 years, since the roofs protective component can now keep up with the new stuff that tries to grow on the roof. It certainly helps to have everything else cleaned off the roof so moisture is not retained on the roof. Each situation is different based on the quality of the shingles, the amount of tree cover, the postition of the roof relative to the sun and amount of humidity over time.

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