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Moss on Roof

DSC 8493 moss on roof smallA roof should look like a roof, Moss on a roof normally is not part of what most people expect should be on a roof. In most peoples minds a lot of moss makes the house look like it is old and not well maintained. Old english cottages with slate roofs look quaint but for modern homes moss may not fit the fairy tale look with clumps of moss scattered about.

Getting up on the roof and removing the moss is what I do. If you do not like the accumulation of moss on the roof call me 203-906-6079 it can be cleaned.

20150918 084533 mature moss rightt side up smallThe moss is a result of organic material on the roof and a number of other factors. Shade and large tree growth causes more moisture to stay on the roof providing an environment for the moss to grow in. Areas that get lots of humidity, fog and high rainfall are places that moss is likely to grow on the roofs. Much of New Englangs mature tree growth around some homes can be as high as 80 feet casting lots of shade and keeping roofs moist. Any material like leaves, twigs, oak catkins that acumulates and stays on the roof also holds moisture on the roof. This moisture is what moss needs to live. The are like most other plants they create there own food by way of photosynthis. So the moisture points on the roof is where the moss starts. These are places like the top of the slots in the shingles and at the verticle surface where the shingle stops before the next course. These are all places that the moisture lingers the longest since it will not evaporate as soon in the day

Effect of Moss on a Roof

20150918 084549 EditThis Clump of Moss Is Like A Sponge Sitting on The RoofThe roof is on the house to prevent moisture and rainwater from getting into the house. The moss growth is the opposite of what you want. The moss holds moisture on the roof longer. This provides a situation for more moss to grow. As the moss blocks the flow of rainwater off the roof then it gets more water. Often the moss grows right at the edge of a shingle. It creates a situation were holding rainwater at this point it can wick up under the shingle by capilary action. Some will come back out some will be drawn farther up under the shingles. This is especially true when the shingle warms up from the sun since heat rises. Now you have hot soake air working up under the roof to affect the tarpaper and over time wood roof sheathing. Wet wood softens, rots and grows mold. The bottom line is too much moss on a roof can shorten how long your roof will last and be in need of a costly replacement. 

Cleaning Moss From A Roof

In our roof cleaning process two steps are taken to get rid of moss. The first step is to mechanically remove any moss that will come off the roof. This is done by lighlty brushing the roof or if it is real thick a plastic leaf rake works real well with out pulling off roof grit. The second step is to kill the moss. This is done by breaking down the clorophyle that makes the moss green. With out this it can not create food to live so it dies and falls off.

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