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As a roof cleaning company, I am a specialty home improvement contractor that does roof cleaning, not roof repair or installation. So we have no axe to grind such as selling you a new roof or promoting other service. My sole focus is to provide a high quality roof cleaning service to restore your roof to how it should look clean and bright. Not dull, pock marked and streaked. I work in the state of connecticut and am liscened under my parent name of, LLC and the liscense number is HIC.0618113. For verification you can go to this page for the State of CT Home Improvement Licence roster. As a roof cleaning contractor I work on every job and am the person who you speak to prior to hiring me. So there is no confusion on who is going to do the work and what has to be done. I also work to set the correct expectations of what will happen in the process so you get what you expect for results when the roof cleaning is done. 

Roof Cleaning Services

In the State of Connecticut I tend to service New Haven County and the surrounding areas. But being a small state it certainly is not hard to extend it for a customer that wants a roof cleaned outside of New Haven County. To price a job and then to go back to folllow up are the reasons to keep the service area realatively small. So if you are looking for roof cleaning services please call 203-906-6079.

On feature of my service is I commit to a reaplication if needed on each new job. The goal is to have happy customers that will refere business by making sure the job comes out the best it can. Some times when the cleaning material is applied the black mold can be so thick that a second application is needed after it rains a couple of times. This situation is good since all the dead material is rinsed off the roof and the cleaner can get to what ever remains and clean that up for a perfect looking brighter roof.

Roof Shampoo

20150921 172737 roof cleaner looks like shampoo smallA view of cleaner it foam looks like shampoo and has killed the mossAnother feature of my roof cleaning service is Not using Water Pressure to clean the roof. That is why it is called a roof shampo or low pressure roof cleaning. I do not have to take equipment up on the roof if it is steep. I work from the gutter line on a ladder so there is no danger of falling. The last thing you want is a contractor getting hurt at your home or busness. The cleaning soap is sprayed from a pump up sprayer and I take the time to only spray the exact amount needed to wet the roof but not have run off from the roof. This low volume low pressure approach may take a little longer than some other contractors but it provides me with a lot of controll. I call it a shampoo because after the cleaner is applied it foams up a little and starts working on cleaning the roof with out running off. The sudsy foam keeps the cleaner where it should be not pooring off the roof into the gutters or onto the landscaping. This placement of the product is key to great results with out spraying all over the place from the ground or the roof peak, like a shot gun. 

Free Quotes

If you think you may need our services feel free to fill out the request for quote form linked to at the side of the page or call 203-906-6079. Often with some questions and looking online we can give you a binding quote for our roof cleaning services.

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