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Roof Cleaning Connecticut

20150924 110800 dirty roof needs cleaning smallA Dirty Roof That Needs Cleaning No pressure roof cleaning is the service that I provide here in Connecticut for homeowners and businesses to keep their property looking clean and we'll maintained. With time and New England weather many roofs develop black streaks of mold, accumulations of green moss and round spots of lichen. With time as more and more grows on the roof the roof area just starts to detract from the whole property. There very much is a solution to this.

Getting to the roof and applying our professional cleaning solution is what many people do not want to do. Climbing Ladders and Heights are what our customers want to avoid. Since it is something we do every day we have the right equipment and procedures to do it safely. The concentrations of chemicals used require a focus on safety and correct material handling to prevent injury and or damage to landscaping. The concept is not hard get to the roof apply the cleaner and have the rain rinse off the roof, it's just the heights and the details that make it hard.

20150616 170809 tall ladder to reach roof small

Heights and phsical ability to get to the roof and around it is the hard part and doing it safely is key to why people hire me, they do not want to do it. I continually look for the best materials to do the cleaning job with just enough chemical and mechanical force to do the job. Getting close to the work alows me to see what is going on and what is needed.

  • Ladder safety
  • Chemical handling safety
  • Strong enough chemicals so it will clean and brighten the roof
  • Willingness to reapply if needed
  • Remove any debris on the roof
  • Brush off any growth such as moss that is loose
  • Protect property that the chemicals can discolor
  • Cover,rinse and protect any plants that could be affected
  • Effects effectively apply a uniform coating of liquid to the roof and the roof only
  • Foresee problems
  • On top of all this it is hard fiscal labor with stuff that smells and can burn you

The fun in the work is to see the dramatic change that happens when the cleaner is sprayed on. A lot of the change happens right before your eyes as you work.

If you have a roof here in Connectituct that needs to be cleaned or you would like a price on roof cleaning please call me at 203-906-6079 or fill in our request for quote form.

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